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About Amber

Baltic Amber is the fossilised resin produced from ancient pine trees thousands of years ago. These pine trees started to produce a resin similar to tree sap that over time fossilised into hard pieces of Baltic amber that we know today.

The pain relieving component of Baltic Amber is called Succinic Acid which has been used for centuries as a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory known to boost the immune system and accelerated the healing of wounds. Unlike regular amber Baltic amber contains over 200 times the level of Succinic Acid.



Amber is a symbol of health and wellbeing.




Where does Baltic Amber come from?

The Amber that comes from the shores of the Baltic Sea is known as 'Baltic Amber' and accounts for over 80% of the worlds source of Amber. 

The map below shows the places around Baltic Sea in which Baltic Amber is commonly sourced from.

At Mile Stones Amber, we source all of our Amber products from Lithuania, a country in Northeastern Europe, the southern most and largest of the three Baltic States. 




How does 'Baltic Amber' help my teething baby?

Baltic Amber’s anti-inflammatory properties are known to help aid in the severity of teething symptoms such as swollen gums, irritability, aches and dribbling. It helps reduces inflammation in the ears, throat, stomach and respiratory system.

As with any popular gemstone that has a long history of use in various cultures, amber has accumulated its share of mystical properties.

It is also believed that amber:

Balances emotions
Attracts good luck
Eliminates fears
Relieves Headache
Clears the mind
Dissolves negative energy
Helps develop patience and wisdom



Necklaces v Bracelets

Teething can be a long drawn out experience for our little ones therefore it is comforting to know there is a natural remedy on the market.

But which one to buy is the question?

Our general advice is "The more Amber sitting on the skin the better".

Although paracetamol and teething gels are effective, it is not recommended to use these products everyday or long term. It is safe to wear an amber teething necklace or bracelet every day. When it comes to making a decision on which one to buy - it comes down to what you feel more comfortable in your baby wearing and keeping in mind that it must be removed during sleep times.



Colours of Amber - Which is better?

Amber is produced in a variety of different shapes and colours from the usual yellow-orange right through to milky white, clear yellows and cherry black. A common question is 'What colour works the best?" After much research and product testing, we have found that they both work equally well. The choice of colour should be a personal one. Not only should it help with teething but it is also a fashion accessory. We want you to be 100% happy therefore we accept exchanges should you wish to change the colour. Click here to view our colour range of amber necklaces for babies.



Our Guarantee

We offer a 14 day money back guarantee on all our Amber Jewellery.

For peace of mind, a Certificate of Authenticity is posted with every order. 




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Since 2011 Mile Stones Amber has supplied thousands of amber products to mums and dads all around Australia. 





International Orders

Mile Stones Amber welcomes all international orders. All prices are listed in Australian Dollars and therefore to help assist with the currency difference click here for a Currency Converter.



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