Amber Teething Necklace Frequently Asked Questions


What age can my baby begin to wear an Amber Teething Necklace?

We suggest that bubs can begin to wear an amber necklace from 12 weeks of age. For premature bubs, we go off their adjusted age.


Is Amber Teething Necklaces comfortable for babies to wear?

Teething Necklaces are light - weight. Baltic Amber is not actually a stone, it's a fossilised resin and therefore not cold to touch. Most babies don’t even know they are there.


What will happen if my baby chews on it?

Amber Teething Necklaces are designed to sit comfortably on babies collar bone but not long enough to reach over their chin and into their mouth. Amber Teething Jewellery is designed to be worn and not chewed on or placed inside the mouth. The easiest solution is to quickly tuck the necklace under their clothing. It is likely that baby will ignore it. If not, just remove it for another day. 


What size necklace should I get for my baby?

All Teething Necklaces should be between 32 - 33cm long. This is the ideal length for most babies aged 12 weeks right up to 3 years old. Teething Necklaces should not be long enough that baby can pull it over their chin and into their mouth. If this is the case, baby might be a bit young and possibly try again in 6 weeks time.


Can my baby wear an Amber Teething Necklace during sleep times?

Any product that contains small parts including amber teething jewellery should be removed whenever the child is without supervision including sleep times. If you would like your child to sleep with it on we suggest wrapping it around their ankle and pop it under a onesie where it cannot be removed whatsoever.


Are Teething Necklaces safe?

All Mile Stones Amber Jewellery has been made using the highest quality materials however babies and children should be supervised whilst wearing any kind of jewellery with small inclusions. All of our teething jewellery have individually knotted beads so that in the unlikely case it comes apart only one bead may fall off. Each is fitted with a traditional plastic clasp designed to release if excessive pressure is applied to the joint. As with all products around the home that are small enough to be swallowed (like hair clips, bows on clothing), extra special care must be taken for children under 3 as they pose a choking hazard.


Can my baby wear it in the bath or swimming?

We recommend that all amber products be removed while bathing or swimming as prolonged exposure to water may weaken the thread.


Do you recommend a necklace or bracelet?

Baltic amber is best to be worn closest to which area you wish to treat. If you are treating symptoms such as headaches, neck discomfort or stress related conditions we suggest a necklace whereas if you are treating something closer to your wrists such as arthritis try a bracelet. With this in mind, we suggest a necklace for teething babies although the bracelets are still a suitable and common alternative. Necklaces have more beads than bracelets and therefore have a slightly larger amount of Baltic amber. 


What colour should I buy? 

We stock a great range of colours to suit each baby. The lighter shades tend to be bought for the girls whereas the darker shades for the boys. The mixed ones are popular choice for baby shower presents if the sex of the baby is unknown. Every amber necklace is unique and may vary slightly from the images online due to the product being in its natural form. 


Will I receive a Certificate of Authenticity?

An Authenticity Certificate is enclosed with every order. For peace of mind on both ends we offer a 14 day full money back guarantee. We are that confident you will love your purchase and if not we will happily arrange for a prompt refund.


How long should my amber jewellery last?

Each teething necklace or bracelet is specifically designed for use by infants. With the right care, it may become a treasured heirloom to pass down to loved ones.


How do I care for my amber beads?

You may occasionally hand wash it in mild soapy water, rinse in fresh water and allow to air dry. Do not use harsh cleaners. You may polish your amber beads with a small amount of olive oil to retain their original shine. As they are not designed for chewing, sterilisation should not be necessary.


Can boys and girls wear them?

Absolutely, both boys and girls (equally) wear Baltic amber jewellery. Just visit the Mile Stones Amber Baby Gallery

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